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Winter Survival Kit - Travel Essentials

night 2182187 1280If you are a vehicle owner it is a great idea to be prepared in the winter months, making sure that you have travel essentials that will act as your winter survival kit in many instances. Here we have put together our top tips on what you should include in your Winter Survival Kit.

1. Screenwash and Antifreeze

With wind, rain, possible sleet, snow and muddy conditions it is vital to keep your screenwash topped up over the winter months. Having a bottle of screenwash in your vehicle means that you will never be caught out. Buying a winter-season “no freeze” screenwash will help you to avoid a frozen windscreen if it is really cold. Also, don’t forget to top up your antifreeze and coolant to avoid your engine’s cooling system from freezing in cold temperatures.

2. Carry a Torch

Having a torch in your vehicle may prove to be a great help throughout the whole year but especially in the winter months and should be something that remains in your vehicle all year round. In the winter, you are likely to be driving more when it is dark so it is useful to have a torch in your vehicle should you need to find something, or if you break down. LED torches tend to last longest.

3. Emergency Warning Triangle

It’s a good idea to carry an emergency warning triangle should you break down. Apply your hazard warning lights and place the warning triangle at least 45 metres behind your vehicle before calling for help.

4. Carry a blanket

Breaking down in the cold weather can be an unpleasant experience. Ensuring that you have a blanket in your vehicle will make sure that you are equipped should you be in this unfortunate position. You can also purchase foil blankets for a very small cost that can discreetly fit into your glove box or boot.

5. Basic First Aid Kit

Having a basic first aid kit could prove to be very useful should you or your passenger require it.

These are some of the basics we recommend for creating your Winter Survival Kit. Obviously, it is also important that before travelling, especially on longer journeys, that your vehicle is also winter ready.If you would like to book your vehicle in with JS Motors, you can contact us on 01993 703621 (Witney) or 01865 841627 (Kidlington) to book an appointment.