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Safe Driving in Bad Weather

WeatherThe winter is now here and with it comes difficult driving conditions. There are extra things to take into consideration when you are driving in bad weather. With changing weather comes changing road conditions, which will impact on your journeys and the way in which you drive your vehicle.

Check out our Top Tips on Driving Safely in Bad Weather Conditions...





● If you can’t see for more that 100 metres, make sure you know where your fog lights are and switch them on.

● Allow a greater distance between yourself and the car in front.

● If you can see fog ahead, pump your brakes before you reach it, alerting the driver behind you making it less likely that you will get hit from behind.

● Slow down. Especially before a hill, as you may not be able to see if another car has stopped there.


● Make sure that your wipers are working, and that you have filled up your washer fluid.

● If you drive through puddles gently brake a few times afterwards, helping to dry the brakes and making sure they will be effective when you next need to use them.

● Drive at least 5 miles an hour slower than you usually would. On wet surfaces your car may aquaplane if you are driving at speed, causing you to drive on a layer of water, and lose control of the vehicle.


● The surface will obviously be slippery, so slow down in these conditions.

● If you skid on the road, make sure you turn into the skid, taking your foot off the accelerator and brake pedal. If you brake, the wheels will stop turning and may cause you to lose control.

● Black ice is almost impossible to see unless your headlights reflect off it in the dark. It usually forms at places where the sun can’t reach. Pay extra attention in built-up areas, that may have buildings that cast shadows on the roads during the day, where the sun can’t reach, causing black ice.

● You should always leave around 100 metres between you and other vehicles, which will give you enough time to break should you need to, but at the same time, it is close enough for you to be able to see ahead of you.


If you would like any advice, or have an issue with your vehicle, please please call us on 01993 703621 for our Witney branch or 01865 841627 for our Kidlington branch or contact us through our website.


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