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Planned Changes to car MOT tests in the UK

MOT changesCurrently in the UK, vehicle owners are required by law to have their vehicle MOT tested every year, with new vehicles needing their first MOT after three years. There are possible changes in the pipeline which would mean that new car owners may not have to put their vehicles in for an MOT for four years.

The proposal comes from the Government, who would save an expected £100 million every year if this goes ahead. It would also bring the UK’s regulation in line with other European countries such as France and Italy.

There has been opposition to this proposal, with many industry chiefs concerned with possible safety implications if the changes are agreed. With around 17% of cars failing their first MOT, the concern is that by extending the time between MOTs will increase the amount of unroadworthy vehicles on the road, potentially increasing accidents.

During an MOT check, many parts are checked including lights, tyres, seat belts and brakes. The vehicle is checked to see whether it is legally roadworthy. Whilst no concrete decision has been made on this proposal yet, it is expected that we should hear the outcome of the consultation in 2018, with a review on MOT test fees being reviewed later on this year.

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