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Witney - 01993 703621 facebook

Longer nights are here - Check your lights

Longer NightsWith the changing of the clocks this past weekend, the longer nights are upon us and it is so important to make sure that your vehicle lights are working.

It is frightening how many drivers travel in dark or foggy conditions without their lights working correctly. This is obviously dangerous and can cause accidents if they are not visible to other drivers. You can also be given an on-the-spot fine if you are caught with a broken light, so make sure that your lights are in good working order.

Take the time to check that the lights on your vehicle are working properly. If they aren’t don’t delay in getting this fixed.

Things you should check with your vehicle lighting

  1. Sidelights (front)
  2. Dipped Beam (front)
  3. Main Beam (front)
  4. Fog Lights (front and back)
  5. Indicators (front and back)
  6. Daytime Running Lights (front and back)
  7. Reversing light (back)
  8. Number Plate light (back)

If you find that any of your lights are not working it is probably as simple as changing the light bulb. At JS Motors we actually fit bulbs at no extra charge.

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