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Car Lights and Visibility on the roads - What are the rules?

TailightSo, we all know why our vehicles have lights, and that they need to be in a working order, but do you know the rules around vehicle lighting?

With the evenings and mornings still dim, meaning we are using our lights more often, this month we thought we would shed some light on the topic, with some information, tips and advice around your vehicle’s lighting....

Shed some light…facts around your vehicle's lighting

1. Did you know ...

  • Your sidelights and rear registration plate lights should be lit between sunset and sunrise?
  • Since 2011, all new cars now have daytime running lights that come on automatically when the engine starts.
  • If your brake lights are not working, you could get in trouble with the law in the form of
     - a fixed penalty notice, £60 fine and 3 points
     - Roadside Prohibition Notice - 10 days to fix before inspection
     - Car taken of the road immediately

2. Make sure that your lights are working

It is vital to make sure that your lights are in working order. When we are driving our vehicles, we obviously don’t see the back of our car, so it can be easily missed if your rear lights or brake lights are not working. Get into the habit of checking every few weeks that your lights are all working as they should, and if not make sure that you replace your light bulbs at the quickest opportunity, avoiding driving in the dark until you have a replacement.

3. Repair broken lights

If you have had a collision, or a knock to your vehicle causing damage to your light(s) you must legally get this repaired as soon as you can.

4. Make sure that your lights are clean

This is such a simple thing but often something that many of us neglect. Especially in winter months, when the roads are full of spray, mud and frost it is even more important to keep on top of this. Wipe over your lights, to give other vehicles the best view of you.

5. Don’t dazzle with your Fog Lights
Its really easy to forget that you have your fog lights on sometimes, but it is important only to use your fog lights when visibility is considerably reduced, and you can’t see for more than 100 metres. You could actually receive a Fixed Penalty Notice of £30 and no points.


If your lights need some attention, be it a dodgy connection that needs fixing, replacing a light bulb or repairing damage after a dent, JS Motors are here for all of your vehicle needs, with a customer base that reaches beyond Minster Lovell, Witney and Kidlington to Carterton, Burford, Yarnton and Woodstock we are here to help.

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