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Car Battery Issues and How to Avoid Them

Car Battery Issues

Your car battery is obviously a very important part of your car, powering the vehicle’s electrical system and actually getting your car started in the first instance. Problems with car batteries are so common, but many of the issues that can arise with them can actually be prevented.

Here we take a look at 4 Car Battery issues, and what you can do to avoid them…

1. Leaving Electrics on
This is less of an issue with more recently built vehicles, that often have alarms that beep if you leave your headlights on, but for cars that don't have these features, it is common to accidently leave your headlights, radios and interior lights on, when you have left the vehicle. This will obviously drain your battery and give you a nasty surprise in the morning, when you attempt to start the car to get to work.
Make sure that you are “switched on” and remember to switch your lights etc off when you are leaving your car.

2. Short Journeys
If you are making frequent short journeys, the battery doesn’t have enough time to recharge, as the engine is not running for long enough to do so. Obviously some short journeys are inevitable and can’t be avoided, but this should factor into your car maintenance, as you may benefit from a car battery charger, that you can recharge from your home electrics.

3. Batteries don’t like the cold weather
Your battery will take longer to charge in colder weather and with the increased use of heaters, wipers and lights during colder months, you may find that investing in a battery charger will give you peace of mind. Getting the right battery for your vehicle is also the best idea, and if you can, putting your car in a garage rather than in the open during colder months may also help.

4. Battery Maintenance
Keeping your battery well maintained is so important. Even the best batteries may only last up to 5 years. Corrosion may occur around the terminals, which will affect its use. If you know that your battery is coming up to 5 years, it is advisable to get it tested in order to avoid any battery failures. Modern batteries require specialist equipment for testing, all of which we have here.

If you think that you may need a new battery, or are experiencing problems when you start your vehicle and would like JS Motor Services to take a look, give us a call on 01993 703621 (Witney) or 01865 841627 (Kidlington) or contact us via our website.