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Automatic Gearbox Flush at JS Motors

automatic gear flushGear boxes are an area of vehicles that over time need to have some maintenance, especially if the vehicle is an automatic. This is known as an automatic transmission flush, and at JS Motors we are happy to offer this service.

Automatic Gearbox Specialists at JS Motors

Manufacturers have varying intervals for oil changing, but most are around 40,000 miles. A transmission flush is a process that flushes out the oil in the transmission. The old oil is run through the machine with flush agent that pushes through any build-up of old grime left behind, then replaced with fresh oil in the system. This allows residue and materials from the gearbox to be flushed out, improving the performance and lifespan of the gearbox.

At JS Motors we recently invested in a brand new gearbox flushing machine that is extremely efficient and effective, changing up to 98% of the oil within your automatic transmission. Using a forward flushing system, the pressure and direction is the same as the transmission system, allowing it to dislodge sediments and other deposits without damaging the internal components of the gearbox.

Poor gear selection, gear slip, a delay in the gears engaging when the engine is cold or torque converter hunting (when the rpm needle fluctuates whilst driving at a steady speed) are all indicators that you may need an automatic transmission flush.

If you are experiencing automatic gearbox problems or are looking for a flush, come and see us. You can call us on 01993 703621/01865 841627 or contact us here for Witney or Kidlington.