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Advice on Safe Driving in Foggy Conditions

foggymorning 4 1511236The New Year has arrived, and we’re in the middle of our winter months, so you can still experience adverse weather and driving conditions. One such condition you could face is driving in foggy conditions. Reduced visibility can make driving extremely hazardous so here are our top tips to staying safe while driving in fog.

Use your Fog Lights

Every car must legally have working fog lights, that must ONLY be used in foggy conditions when visibility is reduced to below 100 metres. Being aware of where your fog lights are, which are for front and which for back is advisable.

Avoid using Main Beam

You should avoid using your main beam, as this could dazzle oncoming drivers and is reflected back off the fog, making the conditions even more dangerous. Only use your fog lights in such conditions.

Check your Mirrors

You should make sure to check your mirrors before entering fog and reduce your speed. Instead of the 2 second rule, in foggy conditions a gap of 4 seconds between your vehicle and the one in front is advisable.

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