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5 Tops Tips for Winter Car Care

5 Top Tips for Winter Car Care

Welcome to our first blog post! With the recent launch of our new look website, we wanted to start a monthly blog with top tips and news about what is happening at JS Motors.

As the Autumn progresses and the weather gets progressively colder, we thought we’d share with you some simple top tips that you can do to make sure that your vehicle is winter ready.



1. Windscreens
Leave 10 minutes earlier than usual, to give yourself plenty of time to defrost your car, making sure you have good visibility. Using your air conditioning or blowers will help to defrost your car quickly, and you could also buy a snow scraper to assist you in defrosting your vehicle. Make sure your windscreen wipers are working well and don't need replacing and that your windscreen wash is topped up for maximum visibility. Do not turn on wipers when they are frozen as they may break.

2. Lights and visibility
Make sure that your lights and number plate are visible and clear of snow/frost before setting off and check that your lights are all working; you are bound to use them more in the winter months. It is also important to make sure that there is no snow left on your roof that may potentially obstruct your view and/or other drivers. You can get fined by the police if this is not cleared.

3. Tyres
Your tyre tread should legally be at least 1.6mm, although it is recommended that in winter months this should be between 2mm and 3mm. A deep tread will allow water to more easily disperse, making it easier for you to control your vehicle in snowy and wet conditions. It is also important in winter months to check your tyre pressures weekly in accordance with your manufacturer's guidelines.

4. Battery
About one-third of breakdowns in winter months are due to flat batteries. The extra use of heaters and lights during the winter can put extra strain on car batteries, which usually last for about 5 years. Check if you have had your battery for around this amount of time, it may be worth getting it changed before winter hits, to avoid a potential breakdown.

5. Radiators
Make sure that your antifreeze levels are maintained to avoid damage to the engine or radiators. If you are unsure about what fluid to use, we are always here to assist you with your queries.

We hope that you find this post useful. If you want any further information or would like us to assist you with a problem with your vehicle, please call us on 01993 703621 for our Witney branch or 01865 841627 for our Kidlington branch or contact us through our website.